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An Expandable -
High Compression"
bore conditioning system.

Smart Bore

Keep an eye out for the SmartBore™, it will be available in the early part of the upcoming year.

Demonstrating a SmartBore™ high Compression Polishing Cylinder in full contact with the total surface of a rifled bore in full displacement.
This Is a white board sketch of a rifled bore describing Load Side and Lee Side of rifling. Bore Brush bristles being deflected away from the top and sides of rifling, leaving deposits of hygroscopic deposits and gilding metal.
This is a CAD Drawing of a cross section of a typical rifled bore
This is Bristles of a bore brush being deflected away for the tops and sides of rifling lands.
This is a demonstration for a .277 bore (Typical of all demonstrations)
This is a pic of a SmartBore™ polishing cylinder after just single pass through a bore, polishing with High Compression. This is what the other methods miss.
This is a pic of a High Compression SmartBore™ polishing cylinder on a first pass through a bore cleaned with conventional methods. Note heavy deposits of hygroscopic fowling residues. This is what is missed by using conventional phosphor bronze bruising, solvent and patches.
This is a measure of the width of a rifling land in a sectioned rifle barrel at .030
This is a measure of the witness marks of a High Compression SmartBore™ polishing cylinder demonstrating the "Full Coverage" of the top, and sides of a rifle land at about .067.
This is an enlarged pic of a bore after conventional cleaning showing residual residues.
This is a typical "after" result of using "SmartBore™" technology.
This is a video
of yet another
view of load side corrosion
This is a spent bullet further demonstrating the flow of gilding metal due to high turque.
This is an enlarged view of load side corrosion caused by high torque and passed over by conventional cleaning methods. Burned powder and gilding metal residues combine to form a hygroscopic residue, attracting atmospheric moisture and the results in oxidation of the barrel substrate.
This is another view of the result of corrosive residue not removed by convention cleaning methods.
This is yet another view of a spent bullet demonstration gilding metal flow
This is an "before" enlarged pic of a bore enlarged to show residual fowling missed by conventional methods.
This is an "after" pic of a bore polished with a High Compression SmartBore™ means and method.

SmartBore Instructional Video

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